Pole Dancing Doll Makes Our Heads Spin


pole-dancing-dollThanks to Gizmodo, a million parents of little girls will not be sleeping tonight. Instead they’ll be envisioning how to keep their daughters off the pole.

Because word is out that a “Pole Dance” doll made specifically for kids is out on the market just waiting to be wrapped up and dropped under the Christmas tree . . . in a bordello. 

The girl shockingly is wearing a significant amount of clothing – posing the legitimate (albeit unlikely) chance that this could be a case of marketing gone wrong. She could really just be a little girl dancing in a circle a la the ballerina on top of your old music box.

OK, probably not, but it would make us feel better.

More likely, this is playing off the sexualization of American kids in hopes that the same parents who buy nipple tassels for toddlers will pay up for an “ironic” pole dancing doll. After all she goes “up and down” and “round and round.” Want to bet you could add the words “the block” to the box and ship this off to Spencer’s?

Who knew we’d actually find dolls that make Bratz look old-fashioned and wholesome?

Do you think this is a sick joke or absolutely hilarious?

Image/Source: Gizmodo