Police Say Mom Left Daughter On Street Corner



You know how we all talk about this whole “Bad Mother” thing? THIS, dear readers, is a bad mother.

32-year-old Indianapolis mom Deborah Mathis has been accused of leaving her 11-year-old daughter on a corner.

According to the Indianapolis Star, the girl was found just before midnight at a local Burger King. She has been placed with Child Protective Services.

Here’s the kicker. The IndyStar says that Mathis told police that “she was trying to show her daughter how ‘to be brave’ by dropping her off on a street corner, leaving and not saying when she would return.”

I’m all for teaching kids life lessons. But this one seems a bit extreme.

Source: IndyStar

Image: Google Maps (approximate location of the Burger King where the 11-year-old girl was found)

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