Politics And Social Media


Here in the United States, our next presidential election is already in full swing, and there is no doubt that the internet is playing a greater role in politics and world events than ever before. You have to look no further than this year’s Arab Spring and even the Occupy movement to see how social networks are big players in the political landscape.

This isn’t a shock to me, of course, as a blogger that has had a definite political bent to my own blog (and I’ll confess, I’m a liberal all the way), and a reader of many excellent political blogs (yes, including blogs by those that disagree with me).

But what might surprise you is the role that politics plays for those that are active social network users but not necessarily bloggers. Recently Lab42 did a survey that found that over 50% of people post political information on their facebook walls, and over a third have changed their political opinion based on something they’ve read on someone’s wall.

They’ve compiled everything they’ve found into a great infographic. Enjoy!

Hat tip to Mashable for sharing this.

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