Polls: A Simple Way to Engage Your Readers


C’mon, admit it… who doesn’t love a quick Cosmo Quiz? … The what-wind-of- dog/car/intelligence/animal-are-you quiz, the are-you-an-introvert-or-an-extrovert kind.

Polls are like ice-breaker party games. Those little radial buttons take a split second to click, they are all about you, they are not asking for your elaborate deep dark secret, and you can see how your answer falls in the spectrum of all the responses — which is why polls are a great way to engage your blog readers.

For us bloggers, not only is it a fabulous engagement tool, but you can glean great information about your audience. Answers to “What is your favorite ____?” are great inspiration for what to blog about, right? Food bloggers could get buy-in from readers on what recipes they want next. Crafters too. The possibilities are endless!

I discovered yet another online community, launched in January 2011 that is based on polls. GoPollGo is a service that makes it easy to get feedback from your friends and followers in real-time. Setting up a poll is as simple as typing your question and possible responses. Simple enough. But then they’ve layered on the social aspect. Within GoPollGo, you can use your Twitter account to follow other pollers. And their home page features other users, so you can keep tabs on what polls they are publishing. For example, MG Siegler’s (of TechCrunch) most popular poll is “What will your next phone be?”. Company’s like Netflix are using it too, asking things like “What’s your favorite movie genre?” or drilling down further and asking, “What do you think of Bruce Willis as G.I. Joe?”.

Social media geeks like me get jazzed by Robert Scoble’s poll on “Which social network would you rather give up if forced to choose?” Can you believe these results?!

What question will you ask on your blog?

photo credit: Matt from London