Portland Mother Receives Probation After Botched Home Circumcision

Keemonta Peterson pled guilty to criminal mistreatment of her three-month-old.

Keemonta Peterson received five years probation after pleading guilty to criminal mistreatment for her failed attempt to circumcise her three-month-old son at home last October. Peterson tried to perform the circumcision after reading the Old Testament and watching YouTube videos.

After the baby started to bleed uncontrollably, Peterson realized she had made a mistake and called 911, after which the baby was rushed to the hospital.

Peterson, the mother of four, has lost custody of her children since the incident and has gone through court-ordered psychiatric treatment and parenting classes. She has not yet regained custody and it remains unclear when she will be reunited with them.

At the sentencing, the judge stated that the incident was an “aberration in [Peterson’s] life” and went on to say that “You love your children and had absolutely no intent to harm your child, and the good news is [he] is not permanently harmed.”

An emotional Peterson thanked the judge for “seeing me for who I was and giving me a chance to be with my children again.”

Photo courtesy of Fox 12 News, Portland, OR. See full news clip here.

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