Post-Christmas Sales Help Moms Save

Post-Christmas sales can offer great deals
Post-Christmas sales can offer great deals

I love leftovers. Whenever I cook, I make twice as much as we need so we can have leftovers for lunch the next day. I live in hand-me-down clothes, as do my kids. And while I blow off shopping on Black Friday, I tend to hit a few shops on December 26 to pick up leftover holiday goodies.

The after-Christmas sales are where the frugal mama action is. CBS reports on what great post-Christmas holidays sales shoppers can look for in stores and online.

Sure, it’s hard to stomach the thought of setting foot in a store after the holiday shopping binge. But the prices are great, especially for seasonal items. I buy everything from winter clothes to Christmas lights in the aftermath of the big day.

Your biggest scores the day after Christmas are going to be in two main camps: seasonal gear, and holiday loot. This is the day to stock up on your annual supply of gift wrap, strings of lights and greeting cards.

It’s also a great day to buy a case of discount bubbly for your next non-alcoholic bash. People only buy sparkling cider at the holidays, so the price drops right after.

When you’re done refilling your stash of holiday stuff, you can head over to the clothing department. Winter clothes for all ages will be on sale. Retailers need to clear out their winter stock in a hurry to make room for spring. As far as I’m concerned, spring can’t come soon enough. Plus, you’ll know now which winter items the grandparents are showering your kids with, so you don’t duplicate their efforts.

There are plenty of gift items and toys that go on sale the day after Christmas, but as a mom you probably feel like your house has plenty of new toys in it. The main goal of shopping a post-Christmas sale isn’t retail therapy or fun. It’s making your life easier the rest of the year. One good shopping trip on December 26 can turn you into one of those magic moms who always has a spare roll of wrapping paper or an extra pair of mittens on hand.


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