Postal Worker Convicted for Stealing from Kid's Birthday Cards


birthdayboycardAnd finally, a whole new definition of going postal: a guy who works in a post office and steals money from little kids’ birthday cards.

Do you think he was just mad that people violated the rules and stuck cash in the mail? Yeah, I doubt it, but either way Dean Hudson of California’s going to jail.

According to an AP story, the Northern California postal worker got caught when parents started complaining that their kids’ mail was arriving opened. Turns out he made off with some $3,000 in cash (no word on how many cards that entailed – but it sounds like there were some pretty generous grannies!).

OK, so according to Snopes, it’s not illegal to send cash through the mail. But it’s still a really bad idea – because you never know when a guy like Hudson is going to be working in the mail processing facility.

So stupid Granny for sticking a few Alexander Hamiltons in an envelope. But what kind of jerk opens up a kid’s birthday card and takes out the money?

Do you send kids cash through the mail?

Image: BoBunny (a cute money mailer)

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