Posting At Your Own Risk


I’ve heard many reasons for starting a blog, one of them being, “Just to document and share my family’s/child’s life with friends and relatives.” Of course, other blogs have very intentional areas of focus: fashion, photography, politics…. but I wonder how many times it occurs to people when they start blogging, that they put themselves and/or their loved ones at risk for abuse — emotional, verbal, or otherwise.

It’s easy to dismiss such a notion because, after all, everyone’s doing it (blogging). And most people seem to be okay with posting pictures of their kids on their blog or on Twitter or Instagram. But a public blog is, after all, public — as are most social spaces.

I’ve read various accounts of cyber bullying — to the point of people fearing for their lives. Just yesterday, I stumbled on this article of bloggers in Mexico who were supposedly killed as a warning to the media from drug cartels. K-I-L-L-E-D.

Sure, blogging about fashion and sharing recipes may not put you in physical harm’s way but it got me thinking… are we thinking about what we’re posting? Or should we be? Should we be posting our names? Our childrens’ names? Where we live, etc. How do we strike a balance between common sense safety and authenticity?

In the “wild west” of social media, are there adequate rules/laws that govern behavior and protect us, the average online citizen?

photo credit: stock xchng