Potty Humor Lands Huggies in a Time-Out (Video)


We’ve all seen the television commercials. A gorgeous model struts down the sidewalk in slow motion, showing off the latest fashion. Heads turn, until finally the model stops in front of a mirror and coos in a generic European accent, “I poo in blue.”

Okay, maybe you haven’t seen that commercial, in which the model, a two-year-old boy, is shilling the new denim diaper by Huggies. The 30-second spot ends with the visual tagline, “The coolest you’ll look pooping your pants.” Or, it does on some networks, anyway. The New York Times reports that ABC, ABC Family and Sprout “objected to screen text at the end of the spot that included the word ‘pooping,’ (so) for those networks, the text was changed to, ‘When you gotta go, go in style.'”

It seems odd to me that those networks, which air programming geared specifically toward families with children in diapers, would get uppity about a reference to poop. What’s even more bothersome, though, is that according to Newsweek, ABC flat-out refused to air a commercial for Lane Bryant featuring a plus-sized model showing “too much cleavage.” With so many female-centric shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Cougar Town and The View, do they just not understand that plus-sized moms are their demographic?  Or maybe they just can’t comprehend the idea that a woman might be proud of her body, whatever its size, and willing to laugh at the bodily functions of her child.  My guess is networks are afraid that if we’re okay with ourselves and our bodily functions, we might stop buying the stuff that hides all of that raw humanity. 

The zeitgeist is telling us it’s time to relax.  Take a look at the spot yourself and tell me what you think. Are denim diapers too hot for prime time?