Prediction: Moms Everywhere Will Soon Fall in Love with Howard Stern on America's Got Talent

My crush on this man knows no bounds.

If you think Howard Stern is a disgusting misogynist then I am very much doubting you have listened to him recently… Or listened to him at all, for that matter.

Howard Stern is a champion of the people. He is a champion of women, women’s rights – specifically women’s reproductive rights, he is for gay rights and is actually one of the most intelligent voices I’ve heard pertaining to American politics today. His controversial comments are matched only by the constant compassion he demonstrates on his radio broadcast.

I’ve already waxed poetic about my love for Howard Stern on Strollerderby before so I’ll spare you another rambling missive here.

If you’ve listened to The Howard Stern Show daily on Sirius/XM radio starting at 6am then you would know that the 58-year-old father of three is a generous boss, dedicated dad, loving husband and a great son to his two hilarious elderly parents who are often featured on the show. But the Parents Television Council (whoever the hell that is) is calling for a boycott of America’s Got Talent, which is set to return to the airwaves tonight with Stern in Piers Morgan’s old position at the judging table.

The PTC – which hasn’t even seen the show yet – is calling for a boycott ostensibly because if Stern is crude on his radio show it follows that of course he won’t be able to hold his rather sharp tongue during prime time television.

Cut the crap, PTC! This man is a seasoned pro! A consummate professional! You don’t think he knows how to conduct himself on a prime time family television show? You think more than 30 years of breaking ground in the broadcasting business is a fluke, that he doesn’t really know what he’s doing and just happened to get lucky? People, please. Stern knows exactly what he’s doing and he knows exactly what America wants and right now that is a no B.S. judge on America’s Got Talent.

Stern isn’t going to stand for crap contestants because he feels bad for giving a kid the X. “It is difficult to look into the eyes of a (kid) and say, ‘I am going to give you the X,’ ” he admitted a few weeks ago. “But I am not going to sit there and suck up to a 7-year-old either.” How is pretending like a kid is talented doing anyone any favors anyway?

Sean Daly, a TODAY contributor recently spent some time with Stern and had this to say about the man America loves to hate:

I’ve had the opportunity to cover “AGT” since it debuted in 2006, and I was in the audience for Stern’s first day of auditions in Los Angeles. There was a new excitement in the air with him on the panel. The crowds were bigger and rowdier. But the rest of the show was largely the same: a steady parade of jugglers, comics and dancing poodles.

Stern approached each act with far greater compassion and constructive criticism than his predecessor, Piers Morgan — who often seemed to be intentionally cruel and mean spirited. That could be one reason insiders say the new lineup of judges — Stern, Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel — seems to get along so much better, both on screen and off.

My prediction? Mothers everywhere, mothers who initially thought Howard Stern was someone to be avoided, will be falling in love with this man. Don’t believe me? Defy the PTC (who are they again?) and tune into America’s Got Talent tonight with your kids and then come back here and tell me if I’m wrong. While Howard, Howie and Sharon are looking for the next big star I’m thinking the brightest star of all will be Howard Stern. Mark my words.

As Scott Pierce over at the Salt Lake Tribune sagely says “If the PTC wants to protest something that has actually happened, that’s one thing. But unless they have a functioning crystal ball, protesting something they think might happen is a highly unethical thing to do.” So guess who is holding the moral high ground between Stern and the PTC?

Hey Parents Television Council! Go focus on Glee, I hear it’s turning kids gay. Because being hated on and bullied and denied rights by a bunch of ignorant American flag wavers is so effing glamorous.

You can also find Monica on her personal blog, The Girl Who.

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