Pregnancy: A Very Special Episode of Awkward Family Photos


During each of my pregnancies, I felt awkward enough without creating images of myself that enhanced the awkwardness. The waddling, the cankles, the feeling like John Hurt in Alien…I was awkward and there’s no denying it.

So props to those women who marshalled their remaining energy to come up with the gems shown off in this week’s episode of Awkward Family Photos: The Show.

In this episode, Mike’s dad offers some categories for the photos, like “artistic-awkward” and “offensive-awkward.” Personally, I thought the one where it looks like the dad is curled up naked, sucking his thumb, in the uterus, should be “creepy-awkward.”

Some of the photos are classics from the Awkward Family Photos website, but some were new to me. And besides, I really can never get enough of that pregnant woman with the watermelon…and the gun.

Check out the Pregnancy Episode, below!


(Photo Credit: Awkward Family Photos)

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