Pregnancy Test Results In Real Time And On Video

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Would you take a pregnancy test online for the entire world to see?

I was talking with a friend just yesterday about how it seems that privacy has gone out the window in today’s digital world. Without even trying, many of us are privy to our friend’s illnesses, events, daily occurrences and often too personal details of one’s life via the many social networks we have become accustomed to. Every day seems to push the envelope in terms of what is accepted and what is not (hint: anything goes these days), but I was still mildly surprised to see the new crop of videos popping up on YouTube. They are a new breed of moms who for one reason or another, take their pregnancy test on video and then post it for the world to see.

Slate actually did a whole story on it and titled the phenomena “Womb Tube“. The women in these videos range from all sorts of backgrounds, from those with fertility challenges that want to document every single second of the pregnancy to women who are first timers with pregnancy test taking. The age range is from the mid-twenties to the early forties, and the majority of the women want a positive result and have been trying for quite a while. The videos are widely popular and many easily receive 50,000 hits and more.

I had the same feeling of wanting to announce it to the world when I was pregnant too, but we only told our family and friends, usually in person. I love the digital era as much as the next person but I somehow feel that the more we become accustomed to every personal detail being broadcast on the internet, the more we lose the intimacy that comes from a close personal relationship. But then again, I have not struggled with fertility issues and can only imagine how happy a woman must be when she finally is pregnant.

In any case, it looks like these pregnancy result videos are here to stay (just trying putting the key words into YouTube and you’ll find a whole lot to choose from).

Here is one of the more popular videos:

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