When a Pregnant Belly is Like an Alien Creature

pregnant picture
Pregnant Tummy or Alien Baby?

Ever seen the movie “Alien” where the alien creature shoots out of Ripley’s (Sigourney Weaver’s) belly?

When their baby-to-be started acting Alien-like, one French couple was smart enough to whip out a video camera and capture the movement.

Jezebel’s Margaret Hartmanm says it looks as if the fetus is dancing around in the womb “pushing so hard that the outline of its head and arms are visible on the mother’s stomach. That kid’s going to be an energetic handful.”

Many of the commenters — especially the ones who don’t have kids — are freaking out over the video saying it’s gross. “Stuff like this seriously squicks me the hell out and makes me feel like Sigourney Weaver,” writes one commenter.

Did your baby move around like this in utero? Do you find the video sweet or freaky?

Check out the video and decide for yourself.
photo: flickr/limonada