Pregnant Mom Arrested After Eating Sandwiches at Safeway, Daughter Taken Away


I know that headline sounds ridiculous, but it’s true. After forgetting to pay for $5 sandwiches they ate while grocery shopping at a Safeway last week in Honolulu, Marcin and Nicole Leszczynski went to jail — and their 2-year-old daughter Zofia was taken by Child Welfare Services.

The pregnant mom claims they were hungry and intended to pay for the two chicken salad sandwiches they ate while they shopped, but forgot when they paid for what was in their grocery cart. Safeway management claims they were following policy, and Honolulu police adhered to procedure, calling Child Welfare Services for children when both parents are arrested. The parents were searched and then released on $50 bail each. After 18 hours, they were able to get Zofia back from state child welfare offices and were encouraged by their lawyer to take their story to the media.

The couple is being charged with fourth-degree theft and a petty misdemeanor. Their court date is Nov. 28.

Update: Safeway Drops Charges Against Pregnant Mom for $5 Sandwiches

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