Pregnant Woman Brings Cardboard Dad into Delivery Room


pregnant-belly3A woman who went into labor without her husband in town decided he should be there anyway – so she brought a cardboard cutout of the baby daddy into the maternity ward with her.

Her son’s first pictures will include daddy – sort of.

Emily Marsh’s husband is a Marine serving overseas. Flat Darrell is his stand-in, originally sent her way as a joke during their engagement. The sort of tool used by many military families to help their kids bridge the gap while their real parent is gone, the life-size cutouts are also know as Flat Daddies.

But they usually spend time with little kids who are missing their parents. They’re not used to introduce a newborn to said parent.

Fortunately Emily Marsh is not crazy. Just a woman missing her husband who has a good sense of humor. Darrell will get to meet little Walter in June, she told the Charlotte Observer. Until then, he’ll have to make do with pictures – sort of like his son.

Image: daquella manera

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