Pregnant Woman Requests All White Delivery Staff


pregnantbelly1Talk about starting them young. A pregnant woman reportedly requested every person attending the delivery of her birth be white. As in Caucasian – not the color of the doc’s coat.

According to the Independent, the hospital refused (phew), although they’re under investigation for how the situation was handled.

Why do I let these situations surprise me? After all – it was just a few weeks ago that we heard about the judge who wouldn’t give a marriage license to a couple for fear they’d create biracial children.

But the repeated comment in media reports is it’s “unknown why” the woman made the request she made. Is it really possible it was made for any reason BUT racism? I hate to cry racism at every turn, but let’s call a spade a spade. There’s no religion in the world I’ve heard of that would rightly call for one particular color of skin at the delivery of a child – so that excuse is out. Nor is there a medical answer to this equation.

So let’s get down to it – she wanted to keep the blacks and the Asians out of the room lest her precious little one be touched by them, lest her lady parts be touched by one of them. That, folks, is what we call racism.

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