Prehistoric Mamas Roamed Far And Wide


Sexist stereotypes about a woman’s “place” being in the home often look to history for validation. Look, they say, women have always been homemakers. That’s just the way we evolved. Our ancestors did it this way, and that’s how it’s been since the dawn of time.

Not so fast. New research flips our assumptions about ancient gender roles on their heads, showing that males stayed home while females went out and gathered food, had adventures and took care of business.

Take that, ev psych!

Parentdish reports on this research, which they say suggests guys may have a genetic predisposition to sitting on the couch eating chips. This weird science suggests that prehistoric women not only did a lot of the day to day wandering, they were more likely to leave their home communities and seek out new ones. Why?

Researchers were able to deduce from all this that the guys stayed in place while the gals roamed. Women did this for much the same reason they leave their hometowns today: They don’t want to keep dating the same guys.

In a world before anything like modern family relationships, it was apparently up to the ladies to prevent inbreeding by going afield and seeking new partners. Tell that to the next guy who says it’s “only natural” for men to play the field.

What do you think of this prehistoric research?

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