Preschool Teachers Accidentally Get High off Pot Brownies


newbrownieUSA Today described the aftermath of five L.A. nursery school teachers accidentally eating pot brownies as suffering “neurologic symptoms commonly associated with being stoned.”

So we’re going to assume they got the munchies and called the pre-schoolers “dude” a lot?

OK, end of making light of a serious situation. Because there is a mega downside to this one. Apparently a teacher bought the brownies from a street vendor (who are known for being safe purveyors of baked goods – snort) and shared them with several others, including a teacher who is currently breastfeeding and her own (adult) son.

The breastfeeding mom was one of two who went to the hospital, and the good news is her child was fine, despite being fed an hour and a half after mom ate half a brownie. According to medical tests, any drugs retained in her system were extremely small. But I can say I feel for her – not knowing what she might have exposed her baby to.

Whatever your thoughts on pot usage, giving it to a person unwittingly is never OK – and to a woman whose child could be hurt by the prank is even lower. Study results on the safety of pot usage while breastfeeding are slim to non-existent – there isn’t much call for the affects of illegal activities. But studies have shown THC build up in babies from their mother’s pot usage.

The story in USA Today is current – dated just yesterday in fact – but according to the Centers for Disease Control press release referenced actually happened months ago. The CDC has taken the case and run with it, apparently to highlight a need for medical professionals to “consider marijuana as a potential contaminant during foodborne illness investigations.”

Were you extra careful what you ingested while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Image: applesoft