President Bill Clinton Reunites with Baby Bill Clinton — Who's Not a Baby Anymore (PHOTO)

Bill Clinton Meets Bill Clinton
Their first meeting in 1998; click below to see their second meeting in 2012

There’s no question Bill Clinton was a best-loved president by many.

He was so admired by one woman in particular that she named her son after him. President Clinton visited a village in the African nation of Uganda in 1998. That same month, Betty Namugosa gave birth to a baby boy and named him Master Bill Clinton Kaligani.

The two Bills were photographed together back when the smaller one was just a baby. He’s now a boy of 14 and they were photographed together again in early August, according to The Huffington Post (via Uganda’s Daily Monitor).

Last week Master Bill Clinton Kaliani was airlifted to Entebbe, where he had missed an exam for the opportunity to lunch with the former president.

“[Clinton] was very happy to see the boy. He asked him what he wants and the boy informed him he wants to become a doctor. He promised to look after his ‘son’ in every way,” Betty Namugosa reportedly said.

“I feel good. He told me he also wanted me to be a doctor, that I should work hard and pass in my studies,” Kaligani told the Daily Monitor.

The older Clinton was in Uganda to support efforts “to eliminate diarrheal deaths among Ugandan children” through the Clinton Health Access Initiative.

See the photo of their 2012 reunion below:

Bill Clinton reunites with Bill Clinton Kaligani
Bill Clinton reunites with Bill Clinton Kaligani

Top photo credit: Barbara Kinney/Official White House photo

Bottom photo credit: Barbara Kinney/Clinton Foundation

Source: The Huffington Post

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