President Obama Not Walking Away From Health Care Bill [Morning News]

Obama dressed as a doctorPresident Obama is “not walking away” from the health care bill, although he acknowledges that his plans for reform have hit “a bit of a buzz saw.” (Yahoo! News)

You know what I’m finding most troubling about this whole process? (Other than the idea that we will continue to have a nation full of people without any health insurance whatsoever.) The way it is all falling apart because of politics. And politicians whose only concern is keeping their jobs.

Here’s the thing. Many of the Democrats that were going to vote for the health care bill are now afraid to do so. Why? They are afraid that if they do, they will be voted out of office. That could be seen as a good thing — they don’t want to go against the will of their constituents. But that isn’t the reason, at least not from what I’ve seen. The reason they are afraid is because of political fear. A fear of being branded a “liberal” (still one of the more amusing epithets to come out of The GOP Conservative Hive Mind, especially if you consider the origins of what used to be called liberalism). Fear of the so-called populist fury that we are being told is taking over the country. It’s all politics. It has nothing to do with governing, making laws, or even health care. It’s about one side versus the other. At the moment, and in my opinion this has been true for many years, Republican politicians are doing a much better job of engaging in what I’ll call the Constant Campaign. Sure, nothing will actually get done, but maybe we’ll stay in office and pick up a few more Senate or House seats — maybe even the Presidency in 2012!

Yesterday I talked about how it’s possible for both sides to be wrong. Or, in the words of the great Mayor Quimby of Springfield, “It can be two things.” When it comes to politicians, I generally feel that the choice is always between the lesser of two evils. Even if you sometimes feel a little dirty after pulling the lever on Election Day. Or, as Mayor Quimby put it:

Is a little bit of universal health care better than the status quo? I think it is. But I wonder what the people who have the power to implement changes to our health care system — I mean Democratic Party politicians — actually think. Because at the moment, I feel like all we know is what they think the chances of passing a health care bill are. Not whether or not they think it’s a good idea. Because it’s all about politics, and at the moment, the GOP is doing a much better jobs playing politics.

Moving on…

The first movie made entirely by chimpanzees will soon be broadcast on television, according to the BBC. Surprisingly, the film does not star Pauly Shore. Even chimps know that’s a bad idea.

One more political thing. Did anyone see the fake Obama teleprompter photos? According to, someone actually took the time to Photoshop some pics so that it looked as if the President needed a teleprompter to speak to little kids. It appears that he did use a teleprompter when speaking to the media, which he is being criticized for. I don’t care what anyone says, previous President Bush was not bashed this hard this early in his Presidency. And people are making stuff up now? Oh wait, they’ve been making stuff up from the beginning (cough, birthers, Orly Taitz, cough cough).

And finally, get ready world, for tomorrow is the birth of the new Apple Tablet! Yea and verily. Will there be wailing and gnashing of teeth? Or rejoicing among the iHole faithful? Like the rest of us common folk, you’ll just have to wait until Wednesday. You will be able to follow the product launch LIVE with us on Blog Talk Radio, which I will be returning to tomorrow at 12:30pm EST/9:30am PST. More details to follow.

Finally (did I say that already? Sorry) let’s end with a song from my childhood that expresses how I feel about politicians. Here is The Exploited and their song “Politicians”. Probably not safe for work because it is (a) loud, (b) obnoxious and (c) may have some profanity in it. You know. Just like Congress.

Article Posted 6 years Ago
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