President Obama's Secret Weapon? He's a Baby Whisperer (Video)


President Obama - The Baby Whisperer

President Obama may be the commander in chief, may be one of the most important figures in the world today, and certainly a man with his hands full. But he has one more attribute in his arsenal…he can silence a crying baby in record time!

At a meet and greet on the White House lawn recently, Michelle Obama held a very upset and crying baby. Giving up on the task of holding her, she went to hand the babe back to her mommy. But Barack Obama? He came to the rescue. He grabbed the baby and in seconds flat the infant was calm and cry-free. He may not have the gift of getting his political foes to stop their shrieking but he certainly has a way with the babies… and he knows it (check out the “yeah, I’m gooood” look he gives Michelle towards the end).

You can watch the adorable video right here.

via Buzzfeed