Presidents Day 2011: Banks are Closed So Go Snow Tubing [Video]

Snow Tubing is highly encouraged on Presidents Day.

So, it’s Presidents Day. And that means that banks and post offices and the like are pretty much all closed. Of course, if you had something you really needed to mail, you could always go to a Fed Ex store. Or a UPS store for that matter. Many, in fact, most private businesses are open today.

But you know one thing in addition to banks and post offices that’s not open today? My daughter’s school. So we decided to take advantage of it by going snow tubing.

See, Caroline and I took our daughter to the mountains this weekend. And we had a blast. But the best part of it all was what we did earlier this morning: snow tubing. So much fun. Granted, the conditions could have been a little better. Some warm weather slushed up our track just a bit. But as you can tell from this super-quick video, it was quite a good time.

Yep. Banks and post offices are closed on Presidents Day. But, thankfully, snow tubing places aren’t. Happy Presidents Day!