Prince William & Kate Middleton To Adopt? Could They? Would They?

The Official Royal Wedding photographs
Could adoption be in their future?

First comes loves, then comes marriage, then comes baby in a baby carriage – natch! So since the royal wedding is all said and done, now everyone seems to be speculating on when Kate Middleton and Prince William will welcome a baby to the family. But maybe they wouldn’t make one, maybe they’ll take one.

In past royal generations the idea of adopting would totally have been a no-no, if it was even thought about at all. Most royal marriages were designed to create offspring, heirs to the thrown.  These were generally not love matches but business moves on having the “company” aka royal family, continue. But Kate Middleton and Prince William aren’t old school royals. They might just try to shake things up a bit. One way? They could adopt a child.

One of those “insiders” at Buckingham Palace  – according to a recent story from the National Enquirer (insert snicker here)  – said that “Wills thinks a foreign adoption will help finally modernize the Royal family and make it more popular with the people.” And that he likes the idea of adopting a child from another country. Prince William also apparently thinks it’s an idea that his mother would have loved.

Do you think there is any way that the royal family would allow an adopted child join their ranks? Are there some wacky royal by-laws that prevent that?

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