Principal Camps Out on School Roof


principal-roofStudents in a Michigan elementary school were all eager to get to school last Thursday morning–they wanted to see how their principal had fared after spending the night on the school roof.

To reward students for meeting their school’s fundraising goals, Principal Bill Cain camped out on the school roof overnight. Wearing a heavy-duty winter hat and standing next to a tent he’d constructed, he waved goodbye to his students from the roof around four in the afternoon, and greeted them from his perch first thing the next morning.

Village Elementary students had succeeded in raising $15,000 to go toward field trips, assemblies, and other curricular programs. The school veered from their typical fundraising efforts, with students collecting pledges for a “Fun Run” day in October, rather than selling catalog items door-to-door as they had in the past. Not only did this new method mean that the school didn’t have to split the proceeds with the catalog company, but it also resulted in an unusual and enjoyable day of physical exertion for the kids, who spent one school day running in 20-minute intervals throughout the day.

According to the PTO fundraising director, “We’re starting a tradition here, and it’s a healthy tradition in that students were collecting pledges for a physical activity instead of selling people things they really don’t need.”

The school custodian got in an the festivities as well, rewarding the students for their efforts by showing up to work in a Donald Duck costume.

Can you imagine how much healthier our country would be if all children went to schools with such dedicated, innovative staff?