Prom Moms Allegedly Spray Lysol on Students to Stop Dirty Dancing

 Jennifer Farmer and Hannah Rockey, both 42, allegedly sprayed Lysol on students for dancing dirty, calling the teen girls 'sluts' and 'whores'.
Jennifer Farmer

How seriously do you take your chaperone duties? If you’re like many moms, you probably don’t reprimand the students as much as you correct your own kids on class trips, unless safety is a concern. When they get older, chaperoning naturally gets harder. Of course, there’s also the notion that your kid probably doesn’t want you at the dance chaperoning his/her friends, let alone the prom. But there are many moms who love to chaperone and take their duty very seriously.

Take, for example, the two Colorado moms who not only chaperoned a high school prom but took matters into their own hands when they witnessed disturbing behavior, aka dirty dancing.

Jennifer Farmer and Hannah Rockey, both 42, allegedly sprayed Lysol on students for dancing dirty, calling the teen girls “sluts” and “whores,” reports the NY Daily News. They also told the school security guard that it was “like they are having sex with their clothes on” and appeared as if “they were advertising…sex.”

At least eight students were struck with Lysol, which burned their eyes and mouth. A few of them had to actually leave the prom.

The moms deny any wrongdoing but if found guilty, they can face fines up to $750 and six months in jail. They must now appear before a judge to explain themselves.

It’s terrible if these accusations are true. Of course kids might get out of hand at a prom, but there is a way to handle those situations without physically causing them pain, shaming them or ruining their dresses (not to mention their night). All I can think about is Carrie’s mother in Stephen King’s Carrie. I could very well imagine her doing the same.

At least one student plans to sue the mothers for the damage done to her on prom night.

What would you do if you saw students dirty dancing? What would you do if your kid got sprayed with Lysol at the prom by a crazy chaperone?

Image: ABC News

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