Prop 8 Creator Uncle to Queer Spawn


lesbians-to-the-rescueJust when the Prop 8 mess couldn’t become any more mystifying, the news that Prop 8 creator Frank Schubert is an uncle to two queer spawn is making us go “huh?”

Schubert apparently took a page out of the Cheney playbook when he decided to ignore the shining example in his own family of how gay relationships can work well and launch a campaign to keep them from ever gaining legality. Now he’s swung his conservative reputation to back his sister, Anne Marie, a lesbian mother of two, in her quest for a seat on the Superior Court in California. Anne Marie Schubert’s campaign site is devoid of any personal information, but reporters have unearthed proof that she  owns a home with her partner, Julie Greenberg, where the two are raising their children together in a registered domestic partnership.

He’s acknowledged his gay sister in the past, but this is proof that Schubert has seen kids raised in queer households. And with her background as a prosecutor, not the sort of dangerous and dirty household that Prop 8 supporters threatened children need to be protected from.

It’s one thing to disagree with your adult family members. But if the quest to protect children isn’t colored by your experiences with real life kids, you have to ask yourself if you’re on the right track.

Image: PinkMoose via flickr

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