Prop 8 Stay Lifted! Gay Weddings to Resume in California Next Week


Exciting news for gay and lesbian couples in California!  The Wall Street Journal reports that San Francisco Federal Judge Vaughn Walker “lifted the stay on his ruling from last week, in which he found that Proposition 8 is unconstitutional.”  Meaning that gay marriage ceremonies can once again be performed in California, starting August 18th.  In the six days between now and then, Proposition 8 supporters will surely appeal.

It’s heartening to note that, “Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and state Atty. Gen. Jerry Brown had urged Walker to permit same-sex marriages to resume.”  The other vocal supporters of gay marriage?  The children of gay parents.

AOL’s Politics Daily has a great post up about the way young children are negatively affected by Prop 8.  In it, author Sarah Wildman says:

Whether you’ve noticed them or not, the children of gay unions were in the picture all along.  Opponents of same-sex marriage have long suggested that same-sex marriage will have negative consequences for children of gay parents.  Yet, as Judge Walker pointed out, the presence of thriving children in such households provides a dramatic counterpoint.

Exactly.  Americans should not be worried that gays will marry, have kids and screw them up.  Americans should be concerned about the children already being raised by gay parents who are not allowed to see their parents enjoy the same rights as everyone else.  Or, as one t-shirt I saw recently read, “If straight people don’t want gays to marry, they should stop having so many gay babies.”

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