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As user-friendly as blogging platforms are, if you’re a blogger, it’s inevitable that you’re going to run into a situation where you need to generate HTML code for some purpose or another.  Be it creating a link as part of a widget on your sidebar or fixing the spacing within a post or using an image as a link, knowing just enough HTML to get you over the minor blogging humps can go a long way.

When you need to figure out how to create a small piece of code in a pinch, it’s nice (and faster) to not have to call on a designer but to figure it out yourself.  And so I divulge to you my trusty HTML coding cheat sheet: W3 Schools.

W3 Schools dubs itself as “The World’s Largest Web Development Site” and offers free online web tutorials.  My favorite are the “Learn HTML” tutorials, which include a list of basic and advanced tutorials to help you figure out the basics of HTML in minutes.

Here’s how it works: Let’s say I’m in the middle of updating my “What’s for Dinner” list that sits on my blog sidebar in a WordPress widget, and I want to link the words “Coconut Shrimp” to a recipe for the dish at (another favorite site of mine).  My WordPress sidebar only reads HTML code (there’s no GUI to insert a link) and so, I have to generate the code to make it work. If I don’t already have an example on my blog that I can copy, I’ll head over to W3 Schools and click on the HTML Links tutorial. And then the “Try It Yourself” button.

On the “Try It” screen, I’ll paste my recipe link from into the box on the left-hand side where the sample link is.  Then, edit the sample text that I want to show as the link.

Next, I’ll click the “Edit and Click Me” button and…voila! On the right, I’ll see what my link will look like.  All I have to do is grab the HTML code from the left-hand side and paste it into my blog.

The process takes all of 5 minutes and is free! It’s helped me out in a pinch many a time and I’ve gotten very comfortable with HTML in the process.

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