Radio Contest And Book Giveaway Tomorrow


Mommy Doesn't Drink Here AnymoreWould you like a free copy of “Mommy Doesn’t Drink Here Anymore” by former Strollerderby-er Rachael Brownell?

Do you want to be on the radio?

Well guess what? You can do both!

I need someone to come on the air with me tomorrow on Morning News Live to play “How Out of Touch Are We?” Here’s how it works: I’ll read the names of people who were on the red carpet at the Teen Choice Awards, and you tell me if you know who they are. These are mostly folks that I was unable to identify. Get at least one right and you win a copy of Rachael’s book, “Mommy Doesn’t Drink Here Anymore: Getting Through the First Year of Sobriety” from Conari Press. Rebecca Woolf, author of “Rockabye: From Wild to Child” says that the book “is the story of every woman, a redemptive coming of age memoir as challenging as it is healing; a support group in prose. A triumph of a memoir for all women enduring.” Read more about the book at

So let me hear from you! The show is tomorrow, Wednesday August 12, from 9:30am until 10:00am, EST. If you want to be on, you can either send an email to, or just call in to the show tomorrow morning — (347) 996-5362. First come, first served.