Spooky: Raisinet Recall Over Peanut Contamination

Rainsets recalled for peanut allergy contamination

Just in time for Halloween, Raisinets are being recalled for peanut contamination. A surprise peanut in a bag of chocolate-covered raisins would be a terrible trick for a peanut-allergic trick-or-treater.

The Raisinets being recalled are 10 oz. “fun size” packages sold at Target, Don Quixote, and Shop Rite. Here’s what to do about the recall:

  • Find out if you have the peanut-contaminated candy. Nestle only candy with the 02015748 production code and UPC number of 2800010255 was affected.
  • Don’t eat it if you’re allergic to peanuts. As the company said: People with peanut allergies are advised not to eat the candy. Duh.
  • Don’t pass it out to little monsters at Halloween.
  • Call Nestle at 1-800-478-5670 for a refund.
  • Do not to return the candy to stores, Nestle says. They don’t want it either.

No other Nestle products are involved in this recall.

Will this candy recall affect you? Consensus on our team of bloggers seems to be that no one likes Raisinets anyway.

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