Raising a Child While Being a Revolutionary


politicalbabiesIf debates about whether to take your child to a political protest seem laughable to you (of course they’re going!), then you might want to head over to Michelle Foy’s interview with several left activists about their experiences raising children and staying active in various labor/political/justice struggles.

In many ways the issues being discussed are no different than what most parents face—how to communicate your values without pushing too hard, how to adapt to the different demands of parenthood without losing your former self and former commitments. But it’s true that an activist life is a tiring, demanding one, and not always the most kid-friendly, especially if you happen to be working mostly with non-parents. Plenty of us do drop out for a while, for better or worse.

I’d love to see this interview followed up with some exploration of activist organizations/movements that are not focused on parenting issues per se but still manage to be welcoming—and more importantly, understanding—of the parents who see raising children and raising hell as two parts of the same commitment to a better world.

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