Rapture 2011 NOT: Harold Camping is Mystified & Bewildered. Is Your Family?

Harold Camping


Harold Camping of Family Radio reportedly spent Sunday both “mystified” and “a little bewildered” when his predictions of the apocalypse did not come to fruition on Saturday.  He is – no doubt – pretty bummed that his righteous being and those of his followers weren’t swept up via the Rapture while the rest of us burned in something akin to hell. But he’s not the only one who was “mystified” and “a little bewildered” by the whole thing. Families everywhere scratched their heads, but in a very different way. 

Most families probably were astounded that one fanatic could cause not just elicit worldwide interest but such deep passion and commitment from families across the country. Some spent their life savings on billboards to spread the word. Others packed up and left their families to join Camping’s efforts. There are those who not only believed it wholeheartedly but shared this “inevitable fact” with their children. This end of days scenario that is a pretty scary concept. 

For the children of believers, they too are probably feeling “mystified” and “a little bewildered.” Their parents, the ones they are supposed to trust above all others, sold them a bill of non-rapturing goods. I’ve noted this before, but it’s concerning that parents could immerse their families in apocalyptic culture. Thinking the world is going to end and that you’re going to heaven is one thing, but when the reality of being mere mortals sinks in, will these children ever trust their parents again? They, and Harold Camping, have a lot of explaining to do. 

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