Really? A $600 Diaper Bag?

Who needs a pricey diaper bag when a purse does the job just fine?

This Consumer Reports article featuring a diaper bag which retails for about $600 made me chuckle.

It’s not that I’ve got anything against a luxurious diaper bag, if you can afford it and are into storing your baby’s puked-on burp cloth in the best quality waxed canvas and Italian Ruat leather.

I just hope no expecting or new parents out there get suckered into the notion that a super-high-end diaper bag, no matter how many zip-out compartments and pouches it boasts, is going to make parenthood easier or more enjoyable.

Don’t get me wrong: I like quality, I like fashion, and sometimes a higher price tag means a significantly better product. That controversial $400 stroller, for example? Well, if it folds up with one hand, easily maneuvers through city streets, and is likely to last years longer than the $20 model, it might really make your life easier and be worth the price. But a diaper bag basically…holds stuff. Often drippy, smelly, crumbly stuff, to boot.

Maybe this is where I should confess that I don’t even own a diaper bag, and haven’t used one at all with my last three babies. I rarely carry much more than a diaper or two and a small container of wipes these days, and those are easily stashed in my regular purse. Even when my babies were newborns, I had no trouble fitting a sling, a burp cloth and a change of clothes in a normal-sized handbag.

And that’s what gets me about spending a ton of cash on a diaper bag. The Mia Bossi bags mentioned in the story are beautiful, but they’re also huge, and most parents figure out pretty quickly that you don’t have to carry around the whole nursery on a two-hour outing. In fact, these days I don’t even pack snacks for trips to the park! Gasp!

How about you? Do you see a stuffed (and possibly high-end) diaper bag as a parenting must-have, or do you think we’ve taken the idea of mom-as-stylish-pack-mule too far?