Really Hungry 6-Year-Old Steals Parent's Mini-Van

6-Year-Old Steals Car

There are a couple lessons to be learned from this news story. Don’t leave your car keys laying around, keep an eye on your kids, and always have plenty of snacks around. What happens if you don’t?

Your kid could pull a fast one like this six-year-old from Klamath Falls, Oregon.

The boy apparently took a roll of pennies from the family home, swiped his parent‘s car keys and jumped into their mini van.  Attempting to drive, he took off towards some local stores but in the process crashed into a couple mail boxes and smashed right into another car after swerving into the oncoming lane.  But luck was on everyone’s side. No one was seriously hurt. The woman driving the other car stated that, “At first I thought it was a drunk driver heading towards me. But then I saw a young boy standing on the driver’s seat (so) he could see over the dashboard.”

What was the little boy trying to do? He told police he was trying to go to the store because “I was hungry.”

Let’s hope his parents learn from this. Stock up on snacks, hide the keys and watch the kid.

Photo: Flickr Sameli

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