Really? Jazzmyne? No No No No


jazzmyne_-femme-fatale21When it comes to baby naming, most people are either traditionalists, trendoids, or just totally whacked out “kreativz” those people who name their kid Frodo or spell Xavier with a Z just to be different. Being friendly with a kreative can be a challenge when they are choosing baby names, because there’s lots of polite smiling and nodding when they share their latest whackjob name idea.

A reader wrote in to the Name Lady on Parent Dish (which should totally be my job, by the way) asking if there’s a tactful way to suggest her friend not use the creative spelling she was planning on for her baby. It’s likely to be misspelled, and also is associated with a celeb with a bad reputation (I’m thinking Britney).

Of course, the Name Lady said to do the only thing you can unless you’re enormous jerk you can’t come right out and say “your name choice is white trash and unseemly.”  You can, however, mention that someone you know on a message board has that name and they hate it being misspelled all the time, or play up the celebrity connection. I don’t agree with her suggestion to say “I did an image search on Jazzmyne and it came up with some inappropriate images” because I know my reaction would be “why in heaven’s name was she doing an image search on my kid’s name?”

Have you ever weighed in on someone else’s name choice? If so, how did they react? Did you change their mind?