Rebecca Black Buys Funny or Die, Rebrands It Friday or Die [VIDEO]

Friday or Die, Rebecca Black, April Fools
Rebecca Black's new site Friday or Die.

Is it possible to love Will Ferrell and Adam McKay more?  Probably not.  They’ve created one of the web’s most elaborate April Fool’s pranks on their site, formerly known as Funny or Die.  Thanks to young Miss Rebecca Black, the site has now been re-branded as Friday or Die, and features a hilarious “Betwixt the Music” clip about her life in pop.

There’s also an interview with Black analyzing Friday’s lyrics during which she says, “What drew me to the song is that it comes from a really deep and a really painful place.  Gotta have my bowl, gotta have cereal… that line is about consumerism.  GOTTA have my bowl, GOTTA have my cereal.  We can’t live without these things in modern society.”

I’m telling you, this kid has a real future in entertainment.  She’s as good at mocking herself as Justin Timberlake is.  (Let’s not forget he started at her age as a Mouseketeer.)  She has successfully turned what could have been a giant failure into an enormous success by virtue of her sunny disposition, healthy sense of self-depreciation and no doubt a very supportive (wealthy?) family.

The best video on the new Friday or Die has to be “Rebecca Black’s Greatest Hits.”  If the list of her greatest hits doesn’t make you crack up, you can’t be moved.  Enjoy:

Source: Funny or Die