Rebecca Black's Voice Has Gotten Better, But Her Lyrics Have Gotten Worse

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Rebecca Black

You might not think it’s possible to hear Rebecca Black singing a song worse than her hit/failure “Friday,” but this video (below) proves that it totally is. Black’s latest endeavor is called “Sing It” and is about, well, nothing, as far as I can tell. Sample lyrics include, “Turn it up, turn it up/Play it aloud/Sing it from my heart/Sing it from my heart, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah/It’s alright, it’s alright/Alri-i-i-ight.”

I know. Brillz. Not to mention shittons of woahs and and reminders to “live it up.” Nothing about this track will make you want to “sing it,” but Rebecca Black sure is cute!


Via Jezebel

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