Recession Hits the Tooth Fairy Business

tooth fairy, recession
Her smile is precious; her lost teeth less so. Blame the Tooth Fairy!

The following news will make your baby-toothed kids grit their teeth: the Tooth Fairy is making cutbacks.

A survey by Delta Dental Plans Association found that the collector of miniscule chompers isn’t leaving what she used to underneath the pillows.

According to The Original Tooth Fairy Poll, which has been tracking the going exchange rate of cash-for-teeth since 1998, kids received nearly 42 cents less per tooth last year than in 2010. In 2011, the average tooth got $2.10. If the trend continues, it’ll barely be worth the effort not to accidentally swallow a tooth that has suddenly wiggled itself free.

The good news is that the Tooth Fairy still visits 90 percent of all homes — she’s just getting a little Wal-Mart on us, I suppose. The most common amount left under the pillow is $1. A first lost tooth tends to bring in more than all subsequent ones, too, the Wall Street Journal reports.