Redbook Launches Motherboard Blog Council


Redbook launched its new “Blog Council” today called The Motherboard, which includes a Redbook blogger and 5 other mom bloggers and is the first time parent company, Hearst, has brought parent blogging to the websites of its magazines.

When I saw the announcement and recognized some names, my first thought was “YAY!” because I’m so thrilled when I see mom bloggers getting noticed by print magazines (even if it’s just online right now) since that kind of attention still seems to be few and far between.

I’m not exactly sure why it’s being called a “council” when it appears to be simply a parent blogging column on their site, but perhaps there are plans to expand the role of the Council in the future. The Blog Council is made up of fabulous mom bloggers Tracey Black, Alicia Harper, Amy Shearn, Joslyn Gray and Carmen Stacier as well as an already established Redbook blogger (and mother) — Charlotte Hilton Anderson.

According to Mashable, “Each is an established, highly opinionated blogger in her own right, and will submit original content to Redbook in exchange for promotion of her own blog and the search value attached to that — in addition to, of course, the benefit that comes with being associated with the Redbook brand, says Mark Weinberg, VP of programming and product strategy at Hearst. The five contributors will also be promoting the Motherboard blog council on their own blogs.”

I’m hoping this means they’re being paid well (for original content and promotion), but the article doesn’t mention compensation.

Congrats to you ladies! We’re looking forward to reading.

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