2010-badge.gifMommy bloggers make a difference. Sometimes it's their confessional tone that helps you feel like you're not the only one, sometimes their simple honesty puts you at ease, and sometimes they're so funny, you almost snarf your protein shake. There are the bloggers we relate to and there are others we watch like a train wreck, but no matter where we're coming from, we're all part of the same overwhelming, magical situation.

That's why we're dedicating the inaugural Babble Top 50 list to those who know best: moms. Babble staff and contributors compiled our top mommy-blogger picks based on the following criteria: most controversial, funniest, most confessional, best design, most useful and best written (though we left off Babble's own mommy bloggers because, as with our own kids, we couldn't possibly pick a favorite). These are our picks, but we're sure you'll have something to say on the matter, too.
- The Babble Editors


Ree Drummond | The Pioneer Woman


Ree’s Rankings



Combining the city slicker gone country theme with a boatload of happy homemaker attitude and know-how has won The Pioneer Woman close to two million devoted followers a month, helping make her our queen of the mommy blogosphere. A big-city gal who left it all behind when she met her “Marlboro man” to become a rancher’s wife, Ree Drummond tells of a saga from “black heels to tractor wheels” chronicled in harlequin romance chapter form and style.

Blogging since 2006, Drummond’s fully branded her guides for photography, cooking, home and garden (she’s even got a primer on different soil types) and home schooling. The Martha Stewart of the Great Plains, The Pioneer Woman lives in what she calls “the lodge” and along with cattle and horses, wrangles her four lil’ cow pokes, known lovingly as “the punks.” Like other well-branded food bloggers, the Pioneer Woman has staked her claim in the cookbook market with her October 2009 The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Recipes from an Accidental Country Girl.

  • The Pioneer Woman

  • Dooce

  • Nie Nie Dialogues

  • Amalah

  • Mighty Girl

  • Woulda Coulda Shoulda

  • Finslippy

  • Sweet Juniper

  • Her Bad Mother

  • Parent Hacks

  • Design Mom

  • Girl’s Gone Child

  • Motherlode

  • The Three-Martini
    Complaint Department

  • Baby On Bored

  • Jessica Gottlieb

  • Rugrat Reprieve

  • Free Range Kids

  • a little pregnant

  • Rookie Moms

  • Motherhood

  • Mom 101

  • Inside Out

  • Ask Moxie

  • Alpha Mom

  • CityMama

  • Play Groups Are No
    Place For Children

  • Notes From the Trenches

  • Fussy

  • Busy Mom

  • Sarcastic Mom

  • Whiskey in My Sippy Cup

  • Cool Mom

  • Kimchi Mamas

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    106 thoughts on “The Top 50 Mommy Bloggers of 2009

    1. says:

      Thank you for the honor! I appreciate being listed with so many awesome and funny bloggers.

    2. says:

      Great choices – I look forward to reading the blogs I hadn’t yet discovered.

      One question: if you didn’t include your own bloggers because you couldn’t pick a favourite, then why did you include your own blogger (#12), thus picking a favourite? I love Rebecca Woolf as much as anyone else, but your other bloggers are equally entertaining, touching and original.

    3. says: isn’t on there? That has to be a mistake!

    4. says:

      Thank you for your question below — we included Rebecca Wolf because she has a well known blog that is separate from her wonderful Babble blog. — Babble Editors

    5. says:

      I’m really flattered and stunned to be included here. :)

    6. says:

      I love these bloggers and their amazing work. I read most of them. But I read lots of other vanguard women sharing their lives and thoughts too, and they aren’t all white, straight, and from the (by and large) same socio-economic background. Too bad you didn’t stretch your vantage point a bit.

    7. says:

      Amalah is the funniest, hands down.

    8. says:

      While I enjoy some of these mommy bloggers, the list itself really lacks diversity. I saw several Asian mothers and maybe one or two Hispanics, maybe. Only one mommy of African descent out of 50 – really? I find that hard to believe. Please check out for great mommy blogging as well. Hope your list is more diverse next time.

    9. says:

      This is Ree from Pioneer Woman…and I’m honored. Thank you! So many fabulous bloggers on the list…I have many to read!

    10. says:

      Wow, wow, wow this is very exciting. Thank you for putting me on your list! But why am I not NUMBER ONE??????? Oh and did I mention I’m Asian now?

    11. says:

      Why do none of these comments say who they’re from? I am Neilochka. No, I’m The Bloggess. Wait, no–I’m Maggie, dammit. (Weirdest comment system ever.)

      Anyway, great list! Love the vast majority of these people.

    12. says:

      Oh man, Neil, sorry. this is Stefanie from Baby On Bored. I was just trying to make sure that everyone knew that I am so very extrememly Asian now. Unfortunately Kimchi Mamas has gone white so we’re back to square one.

    13. says:

      Hi–Rocks In My Dryer here. I’m very honored to be on your list. Thanks!

    14. says:

      Excellent list but – gotta say, as a single mom – SIngle Mom Seeking’s blog pales in comparison to Ms. Single Mama – check that one out: (maybe for next year?)

    15. says:

      What, no Uppercase Woman? Quite a glaring omission.

    16. says:

      Where’s The Bloggess?

    17. says:

      No suburbanturmoil ? Man she’s got a sense of humor and a tender side to her blogging that so much of these snarky blogs are missing. Plus, a few barely blog anymore. It’s popularity carryover from a few years ago.

    18. says:

      You missed one!!!!!!!!!

    19. says:

      Thanks so much for including me on this amazing list, even if I’m totally feeling guilty about not being black. I’ll try harder next year, promise.

      -Liz from Mom-101

    20. says:

      “Wait, where’s ____________________”

      Come on people, there are 10,000 mommyblogs out there. Of course they left out some really, really good ones on this highly-subjective ranking. Get over it and just keep supporting the blogs you enjoy. They may have forgotten them, but I’m going to assume any of these “you forgot _______” comments are from self-promoters who need to stfu.

    21. says:

      what’s Blogger. I don’t know this about, so explain me.
      Thank you

    22. says:

      Thank you, Babble for putting together this list. When I first became pregnant, I was so grateful to find many of these blogs: Especially Rebecca’s, Catherine’s and Heather’s. It’s worth mentioning how fantastic is, where many of these bloggers vlog. However, there are far fewer blogs for young mothers to connect with. I would say that Rebecca’s falls in this category, especially her archived posts with Archer, but I highly recommend and as really insightful, well-written blogs. But again, thanks Babble. This feature looks great.

    23. says:

      This is fabulous.

    24. says:

      Great list but you missed one – The Mad Mom.

    25. says:

      One note – #19 on your list is listed incorrectly: her blog does not include the word “bit” in the title.
      - Signed, not Julie, but one of her greatest fans.

    26. says:

      Yes, these women are awesome, but I’d love to see a list of 50 mommy bloggers that we don’t already know everything about.

    27. says:

      This is Liz from This Full House and thank you so much for the shout out. Just so everyone knows, I am a 40-something self-professed dork, with a run-down house, bad skin and, yes, I am “that” mom, who is destined to raise less than perfect kids and, well, in my opinion, the authors made a HUGE stretch listing me. Are you sure you meant my blog?

    28. says:

      It’s a shame I didn’t make the list. Oh well, maybe next year. Hehe.

    29. says:

      Wow, jokes from white women defensive about the importance of noting priviledge when making “Best of” lists? Not the place for snark. Ew.

    30. says:

      I think all mommyblogging listmakers should be required to meet a racial quota just like all the fancy universities Anna Viele attended. Out of 50 top bloggers, at least 9 should be African-American, 6 Latino, 1 Native American, and well, as usual, the Asians seem to be representing themselves without any help. . .

      Why ask the really hard question (why aren’t more “underprivileged minorities” writing+reading blogs) when we can just bitch and complain and pat ourselves on the back with our PC sensitivity. the crushing reality of poverty is just so much more depressing than taking taking potshots at something we perceive to be politically incorrect.

    31. says:

      What?!? I didn’t make the cut? Sigh. You need more green mommy blogs.

      –KB (

    32. says:

      RookieMom Heather here. I’m delighted and shocked to be on your list. This is probably my best Christmas present, but don’t tell my husband I said that.

    33. says:

      Hey, leave the racial quotas of my universities out of it. I met my smart ass overprivileged white girl from suburbia quota fair and square, anonymous commenter who might be called a troll by somebody less generous than myself.

    34. says:

      Please! She went to spoiled rich city girl to spoiled rich rancher’s wife!! No two ways about it. Have you seen her pics of her “lodge” style home! Bahhh It makes me roll with laughter to think she prances around calling herself a pioneer. Good luck girly !! You have got to be kidding me.

    35. says:

      Thanks for including WhiteTrashMom on the list, I am honored.

    36. says:

      I was going to insert some self deprecating humor here, but I think we all know that’s bullshit. So, I’ll just say thanks. Jessica Gottlieb

    37. says:

      I’m throwing some sour grapes on this list.

    38. says:

      How about some love for the Dads? Maybe a list of best Dad blogs from the site that is “for a new generation of parents.”

    39. says:

      Good lord, this is flattering. Thank you so much for the nod! ~Mr Lady

    40. says:

      Check out Black Married Momma: The Anti-Statistic. Talk about some frank and forthcoming real talk from a black mother who works full-time. Here to diversity!

    41. says:

      DID YOU BECOME A MOM AT 35+? If so, check out the blogs by various later in life moms who tell it like it is, raging hormones and all.

    42. says:

      Have you checked out It’s the musings of a parenting author and her daughters who are now adults, letting us know how all those parenting strategies worked out.

    43. says:

      You’ve already chosen the best ones, in several categories. (Congrats, btw, to all the great voices from great women). Why do you want the “I like” votes? I like them all, some more than others, perhaps, and for different reasons. What’s the purpose of the additional vote? It feels like you’ve turned what we thought was a recognition of content and style into a homecoming queen vote. I have better things to do than vote for your top 50…. sorry.

    44. says:

      This is a hot mess, Babble. Pull the plug.

    45. says:

      This list seems pretty dated to me– Dooce? Really? How about some mommy bloggers we don’t all know? annsrants comes to mind. As does and How about digging a bit deeper, Babble?

    46. says:

      Thanks so much for compiling this rich list of blogs on parenting. Most deal with moms with younger kids (Do you suppose moms over 40 are not into blogs yert?) and so I hope you will check out my new blog on teens and young adults. I am an adolescent medicine physician and I am a specialist in teens and young adults. In my blog I bring news from medicine, psychology and the world at large and connect it to the fantastic and ever changing world of families with teens. I hope you will check it out:

    47. says:

      It is weird that these comments don’t say who they are from. Must say that it is a pretty good list as these things go, with many of my faves, although the emphasis is on long-term heavy hitters, rather than newcomers who are making a big splash or less-exposed but still very high quality blogs. I would have liked to see more education or craft representation, too. I’m a little disappointed that at least one of the picks is a corporate site that bought a blog. The original founder is awesome but personally I prefer to leave the big corporate entities in a separate category. –Candace from Mamanista & Bloganthropy

    48. says:

      Did my comment get deleted? *confused* I even said it was a decent list if lacking in some categories (new blogs, lesser known, crafters, educators, etc.), kept it clean, signed my name…can’t imagine what possible objection there could be to my comment. — Candace @Mamanista & @Bloganthropy

    49. says:

      wow, strange. rock and drool should be on here. because well…i rock…er…she rocks. AND she represents the over looked jewish minority of bloggers out there. and she’s been on dr. phil. that counts for something. actually, while this is a great list and i’m familiar with many of these awesome women…
      sick of lists. but i love leaving comments. :)

    50. says:

      No list can be comprehensive when it comes to listing great blogs…it’s inevitable that some really deserving blogs are going to be left out. But some “omissions” really leave me scratching my head. Where is “The Mother?” ( “Scary Mommy?” “The Obnoxious SAHM?” Or even “I’m Living Proof That God Has a Sense of Humor?” The writing at “Airing My Dirty Laundry One Sock At a Time” is fabulous. And, then, after Babble makes its list, there’s the “beauty pageant” thing going on? Hmmm….

    51. says:

      All of Momversation save but one? No, no intent behind that I’m sure.

    52. says:

      Yes, of course there are obvious omissions, that is the point of half these lists, to stir controversy. However… this list is about half of my Google Reader and looking forward to checking out the other half. Good job, ladies! Keep writing awesome stuff. – Aimee Greeblemonkey

    53. says:

      Oh, and can I just say that is a lovely photo of miss Julie Momslant? ;)

    54. says:

      What a dull, uninspired list. Same old, same old tired bloggers on here, save a few pleasant exceptions.

    55. says:

      What? No me?! Oh that’s right I haven’t been on Dr Phil (must be because I’m Australian. Shut up! That’s totally the reason) and my blog is like a newborn infant compared to these guys. Seriously though – I read alot of these blogs and they are freaking awesome.

    56. says:

      Hi ladies, my name is Bruce and Im a stay-at-home dad. When I lost my job as a writer in advertising, my wife suggested that I write a blog about my experience taking care of our daughter. One year of dirty diapers later, I finally did. It’s called: – the dirty diaper diary of a stay-at-home dad. Unfortunately, I got the name from the time I dropped the baby on her head. It was the scariest moment of my life. Thank God she was okay. But back then, that moment when she fell, I wasn’t concerned so much about the baby. I was concerned about my wife actually killing me. : ) On a serious note, after the rewarding, yet very challenging times I spent with my daughter, I realize that most men have absolutely no idea how hard it is for the moms who stay home. I didnt. Until now. And you know, as you do. We wouldnt change it for the world. Well, maybe sometimes. : )

    57. says:

      Nobody likes a spammer, Bruce.

    58. says:

      Like the list– I follow a handful of these blogs. Just have to say that I think Suburban Turmoil, Owlhaven, Flotsam, and Following Elias are also great reads! Maybe they’ll be here next year. Congrats to PW– love her and her recipes!

    59. says:

      Great list, thank you. Voting seems like a positive to me, for users anyway.

    60. says:

      You missed the Manic Mommies – the best!

    61. says:

      The Pioneer Woman doesn’t live at “the lodge”; the lodge is a second home behind their home, that they renovated to use for entertaining purposes last year.

      And secondly, her blog has slowly devolved into funny comments and lot’s of pictures–not much writing going on anymore.

    62. says:

      Impressive list of blogs…many I’ve come across and some I haven’t seen before. I am a mom and I have a blog but I don’t know how much of a ‘mommy blogger’ I consider myself. I share parenting resources, thoughts and articles on child development, shopping, recalls and reviews along with commentary on political issues related to parenting,family and life in general. My blog is little bytes news; sharing bytes of news you can use.

    63. says:

      When does this contest end?

    64. says:

      People still read Dooce?

    65. says:

      Great list! Would love to see more recognition for health and science-based parenting blogs, after all we geeky bloggers take on issues that moms deal with on a regular basis – breastfeeding, allergies, phthalates, vaccines, etc. – often controversial topics that could use a more thoughtful approach than we typically find in the media. We pediatrian/psychologist/scientist bloggers are out there, many adept at explaining technical stuff without boring folks, some are even quite funny ( Thanks again!

    66. aussiegal says:

      what about squishybum mum

    67. Annika says:

      check out baby style blog at

    68. Mom fan says:

      Please do this survey for me. This is a research about soft drink. Go Mommy Bloggers, :) !!

    69. Mary P says:

      Hoping to make the list next year with The Photographic Life

      We’re just getting started trying to help moms learn to take the best pics possible with whatever sticky point and shoot camera they pull out of the diaper bag at the last minute. Would love to have some of you serious blog followers check out the free trial and give me some feedback!


    70. janeanddick says:

      Starbucks-loving, homeschool-teaching, feet-picking, shameless ranting, anal-perfectionistic, Vietnamese photographer Mom photo blogs about anything mundane, her hot Persian husband, and two beautiful Vietnamese-Persian girls.

    71. hibmom says:

      What a great list of blogs! I would love to be on this list! I started my blog:
      last August.

    72. alittlekingandi says:

      What a cool list of blogs!! Here is my blog. Enjoy and have a Good and safe Memorial Weekend.

    73. MissTutu says:

      Interesting list of bloggers…checking some out right now since I need some new blogs to follow! Thanks! :)


    74. Nicole says:

      When does 2010 come out?

      Here’s mine! *hint hint* ;)


    75. ArissasMommy says:

      Hey – this is my blog about my awesome baby girl and how I’m handling motherhood

    76. Milissa says:

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    77. Lisa says:

      I love the idea of a blog list and awards! I’m having a lot of fun discovering new blogs. My blog is not for the easily offended.

    78. Beth Bader says:

      Good list. If you are looking for Mom-Food blogs, please consider giving mine a visit. I am the co-author of the upcoming book, “The Cleaner Plate Club: Recipes and Advice for Getting Real Kids to Love Real Food.”

    79. GirltoMom says:

      I have been coming back to this list over and over to discover awesome Mom Blogs! Love it!!! Thank you. And I started my own website 3 weeks ago, my name is Heidi Ferrer and my blog is at – my son Bex is 3 and has a rare form of potentially fatal scoliosis, but we are also madly in love : ) XOXO- Heidi

    80. Anonymous says:


    81. Anonymous says:

      This is wonderful! I’m always inspired and happy when I come across new mommy blogs. I’d love for you to come and journey with me, kick you feet up and enjoy a good laugh,

    82. Kelley says:

      Fantastic List! So many talented mamas out there! If you get a chance check out our blog. Just starting out.

    83. Swine says:

      Very nice, but short one, confessional, and well-written:

    84. Emily Gagiu Arturo says:

      I don’t have time to read many stories, but I am always looking for ideas on how to have fun with my kids! So is one of the 2 blogs I check in with regularly (the other is the naptime chef) because she is all action! She has a newborn and a preschooler and there is never a lull in ideas for crafts or games, rhymes or songs, and she has excellent childrens’ book reviews. ALL ‘DO’. I just love that :-)

    85. amalia moscoso says:

      check out! great ideas and recipes to cook WITH your kids. crafts too!

    86. Gloria says:

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      Kids songs-Be a Buddy, Not a Bully; Positivity and favorites from the other CDs

      FOR MOMS
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      Funny songs (Politicians Polka; A Moose with Moxie)
      and Love songs

    87. Emily Rose Riggs says:

      Adorable Handcrafted Baby Ballet Slippers With Satin Ties

    88. Kellsie says:

      Kewl you should come up with that. Ecexllent!

    89. Beyonce says:

      I rellay couldn’t ask for more from this article.

    90. yousilly says:

      None of these links work :/

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