If You Want to Enjoy Your Grandchildren in Good Health, Relax and Have a Drink Now!

mothers drinking, alcohol for health
Booze is good for you - if you know how much to drink.

According to a new study out of Harvard, women who want to lead healthy lives in their golden years should relax and have a drink in midlife.  The study, published by the journal PLoS Medicine, concludes that “regular, moderate consumption of alcohol at midlife may be related to a modest increase in overall health status among women who survive to older ages.”

Researchers confirmed yet again that alcohol is in fact good for you, in certain doses.  So how much should women be drinking to avoid major chronic diseases, cognitive and physical impairment, and mental health limitations?  It might be more than you think!

In their recap of the study, The Atlantic says, “Women who drank five to 15 grams of alcohol per day (or as much as one drink per day) improved their odds of good overall health when older by 20 percent compared to non-drinkers.  Those who drank regularly or at least five days a week were also found to be healthier than occasional drinkers.”

BOOM!  There you have it.  Imbibe every day if you like, but only one drink a day.  That’s good to know, especially since I’ve been up and down about my own alcohol consumption lately.  A few weeks ago, I got tired of being tired, blaming my morning grogginess on my alcohol consumption.  But then I cut booze out of my life cold for a while and felt like that wasn’t working for me, either, because I had trouble falling asleep.  Now I know that one glass of wine at night is just fine – and will even help me enjoy life after 70 in better health.  One nighttime toast to the grandkids doesn’t sound so bad, does it?  Cheers to that!

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