Released: Casey Anthony Walks Free From Jail. Should We Give Her A Break?


CNN reports that just after midnight this morning Casey Anthony walked out of jail a free woman, got into a dark SUV, and rode off to an undisclosed location. The reaction online is vicious, most people still shocked that she is actually going to be free after being acquitted from her daughter’s death. I’m trying to take a neutral stance, considering the verdict- not guilty. Clearly there was lack of hard evidence connecting her to her daughter’s murder no matter how obvious it seems to us watchers-on. Should we all give her a break?

I’m trying, but I just can’t get past that she harbors at least a lot some bit of guilt… that I believe she still belongs locked up. I just want to know the same answers to the same questions we’ve asked from the very start:  if she didn’t do it, then why all the lies? Why did she wait over 30 days to report her sweet daughter Caylee was missing when she knew she was dead, apparently due to a drowning? I don’t like the vitriol on Twitter – especially the people hoping she dies in a car accident on her way out of jail.  Or that someone bombs the plane she flies to wherever she goes. I don’t wish her any of that really. But I do wish she would have just told the truth.

I’m sickened that she will make millions or more- possibly live the rest of her life a rich woman due in part to interview/movie/book deals- because of her daughter’s death. And I also hate- I admit it!-  I will totally watch those interviews. And I know we’re setting ourselves up for disappointment because it will be just as nauseating as the entire story and trial and resulting verdict. I don’t think we’ll ever know what happened to Caylee. And I also don’t think Casey Anthony will ever be truly “free.”


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