BREAKING: Reno Air Race Show Crash, Mass Casualty Event, Says Officials: Busy Parent Briefing

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The scene of the race show crash in Reno, NV.

A beautiful Friday afternoon quickly turned deadly at today’s Reno Air Race Show.

A vintage World War II plane crashed into the grandstands injuring dozens of people. The plane was flown by pilot Jimmy Leeward.

So far, at least 40 people have been taken to the hospital. No details yet on how many fatalities. It’s expected that at least 75 people have been injured.

Stephanie Kruse, a spokeswoman for the Regional Emergency Medical Service Authority, said 25 people were critically injured and another 25 people were seriously injured in the crash.

The NY Daily News reports that Mike Draper, a spokesman for the air races, told The Associated Press that Jimmy Leeward was the pilot of the P-51 Mustang that crashed into the box seat area at the front of the grandstands about 4:30 p.m.

The National Championship Air Races attracts thousands every year in September as people gather to watch military and civilian planes race.


Image: YouTube

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