Guys, Rent Is Too Damn High!

rent is too damn high, jimmy mcmillan
Jimmy McMillan, Rent Is Too Damn High party. Action figure, folk hero.

If you don’t live in New York State, you may not have heard of Jimmy McMillan – yet.  McMillan is the founder of and gubernatorial candidate from the Rent Is Too Damn High party – and rent being too damn high is his sole platform.  Well, that’s not entirely true.  Speaking of soles, McMillan’s stance on gay marriage has made him a cult hero.  Last night in the gubernatorial debate at Hofstra University, McMillan made it clear that the “Rent Is Too Damn High party says if you wanna marry a shoe, I’ll marry you.”

While some Sex and the City types may be accused of wanting to marry their Manolos, wealthy New York women aren’t worried about their rent.  As a single mother, on the other hand, cost of living is all I think about.

One visit to with your computer’s sound on will make you fall in love with McMillan, as his campaign song, “Rent is too damn high.  Ain’t nothin’ to talk about.  Ain’t nothin’ else to talk about,” gently pumps into your veins.  A Vietnam vet and self-described “karate expert,” McMillan is cut from the same cloth as political rights activist “General” Larry Platt, who came to fame with his American Idol rendition of “Pants on the Ground.”  McMillan believes wholeheartedly in his message, as you can see from his introduction at last night’s debate.  (Gawker TV has all the pertinent clips.)  McMillan’s sincerity and intensity about his cause stumped front-runner Andrew Cuomo, who laughed and then stuttered when he was given the floor, then later said, “I’m with Jimmy.  The rent is too damn high.”

Nice try, Cuomo.  But you can’t crib another man’s slogan.  Especially not a man who told New York magazine, “Paladino might start shaking when I sit down.  I asked them to have the paramedics standing by … I’m going to be the baddest man onstage.  When I look out and see the paramedics, I’m gonna nod my head, have your medication standing by, because they’re gonna need it.  You’re gonna hear [the other candidates] stutter, they’re gonna be like, ‘Oh no, don’t let me go after him! Let me go before McMillan!'”  He was right!

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