Report From The Digital Family Summit

Digital Kids At The Summit (including mine and @NYCSingleMom's daughter)

When I wrote about the Digital Family Summit in May, I understood the concept in theory. But it wasn’t until the opening event last night that I really grasped the brilliance of this new conference, and I realized how incredible it will be.

The opening keynote was talking about “Finding Your Thing!” and at one point during the questions we began discussing the boundaries that kids place on mom bloggers, and then the speaker asked, “What about you kids? Have you been embarrassed by things your mom has written about you online?”

And there it was, the chance to hear the answer to that question, because the room was full of kids who have been the stars of blogs for years and are beginning to grab and take control of their own digital identity.

It was rather spectacular and amazing.

I met a nine-year-old video reviewer yesterday who is a star on Kid Vuz (a sponsor of the conference). I met an 11 year old that knows how to code. I met a teenager that films his mom’s reviews and edits them. These kids are some of them as skilled as the best mom bloggers I know when it comes to the tech and programs that are part of blogging.

The Digital Family Summit is poised to really bring something new to the intersection of parent bloggers, digital kids, and the children of bloggers. I cannot wait to return to the conference today and meet more of these amazing young people!

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