Report From #Typeacon: The Blogger Town Hall (and more)

View from the stage at Type-A Conference

I’m in Charlotte, North Carolina at the Type-A Conference, and while this conference has many, many wonderful elements one of my favorites by far is the Blogger Town Hall that happens on the last day of the conference each year. This town hall meeting is unique to Type-A, and has happened each of its four years.

This open ended, free wheeling, anybody-can-say-anything part of the conference is often contentious but always fun and, frankly, pretty informative. I joked on Twitter right before it started that I was donning my boxing gloves (although in reality, it does stay pretty friendly).

There is a panel at the session (this year’s panel was Kelby Carr, Caitlin Madden, Nancy Dussault Smith and Sarah Pinnix), and they offer their expert opinions on the subjects discussed.

So what came up this year? Naturally, the majority of the discussion centered on monetization; how do bloggers get paid, how do they educate brands about how to get bloggers paid, why don’t brands pay… but there was plenty of people talking about the power of women online, the joy of writing for an audience, and how to be a success as a blogger without doing sponsored posts.

Several topics came up that I’m going to discuss in detail later this week (earned media vs. paid, and buzz vs. conversions) but one thing was clear: parent bloggers (hey, it wasn’t all moms, there were some dads there too) are passionate about what they do.

If you’d like to hear more about what was discussed at the Blogger Town Hall, the live blogged post lays it all out for you. Thanks, Type A, for another great year!

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