Report - Michael Jackson's Father Not Named in Will


joejacksonThe Telegraph is reporting that Joe Jackson, father of Michael Jackson, may not be named in his son’s will.

Check out this sentence:

“Jackson had a sometimes troubled relationship with his 80 year-old father, who he said would sometimes beat him before sending him on stage.”

I’d say that’s a “troubled relationship.” I’d say more than that, actually.

The paper says “A will drawn up by Michael Jackson is believed to leave his estate to his mother Katherine and his three children, with a portion going to charity, but to exclude his father Joe.” They also point out that “In a court filing on Monday the singer’s parents said they believed Jackson had died without a valid will.” Yeah, well. Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt and all that.

Not sure what Joe’s relationship is with his wife at this point, so it may just be a symbolic move. (This report could also be inaccurate.) Still, that’s one way to get back at a father you’re angry at.

Seeing the video of Joe Jackson promoting his new record label and saying that he’s sad Michael didn’t get to see it thrive (or whatever he was talking about) is a good reminder of why Michael might be inclined to stick it to his father any way he could. I’ve got issues with my dad (non-issues in terms of a will, since he died a long time ago) but nothing like what MJ had.

Source: Telegraph

Image: Minneapolis City Pages

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