Retailers Say They Will Likely Open Early Again For Black Friday Next Year (VIDEO)

Donna smiling amid our dozens of Black Friday purchases

I will admit it.  I’m a sucker for Black Friday — not so much for the crazy deals or ‘door busters,’ because I know I can save money on Cyber Monday as well, but more to kick me in to the holiday spirit.  I drag myself out of bed before the sun rises to spend time with people I love, to laugh for hours, to feel the holidays infuse my soul with some red and green cheer.

This time?  I overslept.  I moved from my bed to the waiting car in seven minutes and true to form, we shopped until we literally dropped.  As we usually do, we packed the car until you could barely see my good friend Donna in the back seat. But this year, there was something different.  Naturally, there were still the horror stories about people fighting and poor behavior.  But our experience was completely the opposite. We didn’t wait in lines.  We didn’t jockey for position.  We didn’t struggle to push carts down the aisles of Target, Kohls, Macys, or Toys R Us.  Why?  Because they all opened the night before.  So, by the time we dragged ourselves through the door before dawn, the crowds were gone. In fact, the cashiers were complaining that they were bored.  Yes, BORED at 5 and 6am on Black Friday.

We didn’t even have to hone our ‘excuse me’ skills as we ogled the wares of local small businesses.

Now, all of the numbers won’t be tallied for a few days yet…. but retailers are already looking towards next year…


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