Rich or Rehab: The Kid From the 'Child's Play' Movies


vincentyoungAs mentioned in last week’s Rich or Rehab, I am devoting the month of October to tracking down child stars of the horror genre. Which brings us to this week’s subject: Alex Vincent, the boy who starred as Andy in the first two “Child’s Play” movies.

First of all, it could not have been easy being a 7-year-old kid and having to share so many scenes with Chucky, easily the ugliest doll in toy history. And I’m talking even before he started cursing at people and trying to murder them. Seriously, that little @*!#ing thing was just not attractive. But somehow Vincent managed to survive the experience. So where is he now?

Around the time of his work in 1988’s “Child’s Play” and 1990’s “Child’s Play 2,” young Vincent appeared in three more movies, none of them memorable. (“My Family Treasure”? Not ringing a bell? Yeah, not for me either.)

He eventually gave up on acting and returned to the business of being a normal kid, graduating from a Hackensack, N.J., high school in 1999, reports Wikipedia. According to his resume — easily findable on his Web site, — he then spent almost eight years working in the restaurant business in New Jersey.

Now, at age 28, he lives in Tampa Bay and works as a sound engineer, writer and occasional actor.  (His Wikipedia page lists three acting credits from last year, but none of them appear on his imdb page, so I asssume they were roles in smaller scale, independent projects.)

Vincent also still regularly appears at various fan conventions and horror-movie events. If you happened to be in Orlando this past weekend, for example, you might have seen him at Spooky Empire’s Screamfest. In any case, it’s nice to see that he’s grown up, gainfully employed and living life largely free of Chucky.


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