Richard Branson New Virgin Oceanic: A New Way for Our Kids to See the Sea

Virgin Oceanic
Richard Branson's Virgin Oceanic

Our children will get an opportunity so see things we never did get to experience when we were kids. Not just the newest incarnation of the iPad, or another season of SpongeBob SquarePants, but they will be able to virtually explore the deepest parts of the world’s oceans all thanks to Richard Branson and his new venture – Virgin Oceanic.

His goal? To take his Virgin Oceanic (which is a aero submarine that had gone by the name Necker Nymph) to the Earth’s five oceans and dive as deep as he can and to explore the sea’s depths including some that have never been seen by humans before. And this isn’t just another adventure for the always active Branson, the one manned sub is set to do scientific research and may make some historic discoveries along the way. Discoveries that kids in classrooms everywhere will probably delight in seeing. Those kids for a fondness for all things sea will be totally into the adventure, and that space age looking sub is seriously cool. Plus, knowing Richard Branson, the entire enterprise will surely be well documented.

Check out this teaser video for the Virgin Oceanic below.

Image: Virgin Oceanic

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